Wednesday, July 13, 2016

AAA Maps and TripTiks

We just returned from a roadtrip to Wisconsin to visit friends and colleagues. We lived there thirty years before moving to DC ten years ago this month! As long as we are able to, my husband and I really enjoy the ride. In the old days, I would always get the AAA TripTiks, tour guide books, and maps before we started out. We often wonder how we ever got anywhere without GPS Systems. We stopped for breakfast in Buckeystown near Frederick Maryland on the first day. I noticed a AAA store, and we decided to stop to get a hard copy map of the east and Midwest. Sometimes I just like to see the route in a larger version from a small phone screen, especially when we are trying to decide where we might want to stop for the night along the way. Once inside the store, I was amazed by the size of the place and the number of people working there. Granted, it was a car repair shop and store combined, but it was really busy! If you get there after hours you can swipe your membership card at the entrance and there is a vestibule where you can get a map out of a vending machine. But I went inside and got what I needed. There is a big retail side of the place with luggage and all things travel related, a place for airline tickets and international tours, and of course TripTiks. I also just downloaded the AAA app that I need to explore. The problem is is that I am not even sure we even need AAA anymore given Google maps and our subaru safety buttons and vehicle aids. But I still use it for hotel discounts and once in awhile for flowers, and of course for flat tires a few times. For whatever reason I just renewed membership for another year. It just seemed like the thing to do. 

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