Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Damaged Downspout Repair after a Hail Storm

After a wild rain and hail storm last week, the neighborhood sustained a lot of damage. Many trees fell down, and a large chunk of the downspout that sits in the yard of our 1897 building broke off. We reported the damage to the board and the building manager. The next day, we were asked to keep our patio gate open so an evaluation could be made. Yesterday, a crew showed up in the terribly hot and humid weather to repair the damage. But to get there, a ladder that extends to five floors was required. It was too scarey to watch. I won't even go up a few steps - never mind five stories! And as usual, my husband offered the crew cold drinks and cookies. This is one of the first times that we were impressed with the immediate response of both the building management but also the work crew. Now we are hoping that the thing works like it is supposed to. The people who do this kind of work must have an acrobat or high wire act mentality. There's always plenty of work for them to do in an old neighborhood like this. I keep telling myself it's just so charming. Did I tell you about the huge tree that pulled down the electric wires when we lived in Milwaukee? We were without power for about a week. At least here our wires are underground, and we are forever thankful! 

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