Sunday, July 17, 2016

Driving Through Chicago - the Car GPS Leads Us Astray Again

I don't trust the car GPS. And it was proven once again last week when we drove to Milwaukee from DC. I usually set google maps on my phone as well as use the car GPS, but my head was down when we were passing out of Indiana and in to Illinois. Rather than take the usual bypass, we ended up heading straight in to downtown. We haven't been that way since the last time we made that mistake twenty years ago. We always paid close attention to the confusing signs that first take you west to Iowa, then north to Milwaukee. So we cursed a bit, but then just sat back for the ride. After driving past the rusty bridges and landscape of Gary, the Chicago White Sox stadium, and the Sears Tower, we saw our usual exits like Ohio Street, where we would frequent Reza's Persian Restaurant and Michigan Avenue. We spent a lot of time in Chicago over the thirty years we lived in Milwaukee, including Christmas time weekends when my husband was attending medical meetings or we just did Christmas shopping and enjoyed the sounds and sights of the holiday season. I suppose it was a nice reminder of all those things, but it did delay our arrival time by quite a bit. Would we have preferred taking the bypass? Probably. Did we enjoy the ride? Yes.