Thursday, July 28, 2016

Jury Duty AGAIN!

I think I served on Jury duty one time in the thirty years we lived in Wisconsin. We have lived in DC for ten years, and I just received notice for jury duty for the FOURTH time. It is beyond annoying to have to do this duty so often. I'm not sure what that says about the affairs of this town. The only thing different about it this time is that I am retired and will be compensated "handsomely" for spending however many days doing this. If it isn't me, my husband gets called as many times. So essentially you could say that we are at the courthouse every year between the two of us. Now you can register on line before you go. Luckily we now have iPads and iPhones to keep us occupied. The last time I spent the entire time doing a cat custom digital portrait. But I actually didn't mind missing work and do that instead. But since I am retired that is the last place I  want to be - iPad or not. 

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