Friday, July 1, 2016

Old Men in Yazd and a Fish Pond on Capitol Hill

It's been awhile since the last art show at the Library of Congress.  I have participated in it over the last four years. Then there was a hiatus, and a year passed without an event. I retired in February, and made sure I was on the mailing list for updates since retirees can continue to contribute their work. Last week I received a call for art notice and that the fair was scheduled for October 2016 through April 2017. The email included the necessary paperwork - guidelines, registration, and agreements. Since I already had my selections made, it was easy to put together. The toughest part was getting the documents to print on my very old HP printer. For whatever reason, I couldn't print from my laptop, but could save the images to my iPad as a photo, and they printed. What was even more curious is that the copy function would only work from a color document and not with black and white. I hate it when these things happen! But as long as I can find a work around.... Anyway, yesterday I brought the two items to the Library and then had lunch with a colleague on the sixth floor cafeteria. This year "Old Men in Yazd" and "A Fish Pond on Capitol Hill" made the cut determined by a process of elimation of my then colleagues before I retired. My husband loves the old men image; I like the fish pond. Hopefully, one of them will get noticed! 

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