Thursday, July 21, 2016

Take Time for a Roadtrip

We love to drive. But we dislike staying in motels. Consequently, it is not unusual for us to take a couple of days to get to our destination, but on the way home we like to do it in one day. So we will travel fifteen or sixteen hours at a crack to get from Florida to DC and about as much time from Wsiconsin to DC. It's a lot easier in the summer months because it stays light out so much longer, but the downside is that everyone else is traveling too. Fall and winter are a lot less busy. And since I retired in February, we could actually change how we travel - from long weekends to maybe weeks at a time! I still get the sense I need to be back home soon so I can return to work, but that thought dissipates quickly. I most enjoy sitting in the passenger seat and checking out the view. We rarely listen to music or the radio when we are on the move. We would rather chat and exchange nonsense. And with iPads and iPhones, I can always keep up to date with my digital art hobby as my virtual studio travels with me. If you haven't had the opportunity to get on a roadtrip you are really missing out on something. It started a long time ago when we traveled as a family with my parents from the northeast to the south, and all along the eastern seaboard. And ever since then, I'm always looking forward to it. 

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