Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Privilege of Driving on the Turnpike

Whenever we drive to Milwaukee from DC, the shortest route is on the turnpike. I hate the turnpike! It starts around Breezewood near Pennsylvania, and ends after Indiana. But even when there isn't a turnpike, Illinois is full of toll roads. When we lived in Milwaukee, we got I pass transponders for both of our cars because we got tired of stopping and paying cash for every toll road in Illinois. We didn't need them in Wisconisn! We recently had to renew the old transponder from Illinois because it was outdated. They sent us a new one only if we promised to send the old one back. And we manage it from the Illinois website, and they automatically replenish the amount when it reaches a minimum limit. So when we travel on the dreaded turnpike, this transponder works. I feel trapped on this stretch of highway. There are only service plazas with minimal options rather than rest stops and normal exits. Getting on and off is a pain as well. I much prefer the freedom of the interstate. And when we got home, I checked the total amount we paid for the privilege of driving on this special road - 71.59 !!?? Maybe next time we will go the long way for a change in scenery, longer miles, and probably more gas that will cost as much as the toll roads. It's just so annoying when you should be having a good time. Who's idea was that anyway? 

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