Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Total Wine Store in Alexandria - Why Does the Coupon Always Come After the Purchase?

We usually go to the McLean Total Wine store to stock up on mostly red wine. We go every couple of months so we can have a couple sips every night before dinner. It's a longstanding habit of ours. When we go out to eat, we now only get one glass of wine to share between us - two glasses is just too much! But because we were in the Alexandria neighborhood for my husband's haircut, we decided to go to the wine store there instead. The stores look the same, but the interior layout was turned around. If you need anything wine related, this is the place to go - from wine glasses of all shapes and sizes, to bottle stoppers and pourers, to wine bottle holders shaped like women's very high heels. And of course there is every type of wrapping paper available, including bubble wrap that is meant for travel. There are mixers for hard drinks, and suggestions and recommendations noted in each aisle for every type of wine. And wouldn't you know as soon as we made a large purchase, we got an email with a 20% off coupon good only through mid month. I don't particularly enjoy going to these places because they remind me of the grocery store. My husband always handles everything cooking and kitchen related.  But since I retired in February, I go along to keep him company and get very annoyed when the coupons come after the purchase. 

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