Saturday, July 23, 2016

Urban Gardener Cucumber Vine

My husband took out the two tomato plants last week because they were just taking up a lot of space and not producing anything. And when you have a very small patch of available land to plant things, it made sense. On the other hand, the two cucumber vines are taking over the other side of the garden- so much so that the vine is having a showdown with the clematis vine coming at it from the opposite direction. But we will let the cucumber vine have it's way because it is cooperating! For whatever reason, it's not doing as well as in the past. The flowers are abundant, and the bees are constantly hovering. But the produce looks different. I'll be the last one to complain because I love cucumbers and will take them in any shape, form, or length. And, to our amazement, we know they are always hiding out somewhere. Maybe it all has something to do with the extreme heat and weird weather. A lot of our flowers just didn't do well either. In Wisconsin we had a lot of room for all kinds of vegetables and berries, so we are fortunate to have this little space in a very urban environment. Cucmber anyone? 

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