Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Sunday Morning Walk in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood

For the first time in very many days, it was overcast. So we brought along a small umbrella and headed out for a walk - but decided to stay closer to our house in the neighborhood in case it started to pour. So we walked north toward Union station, then east a couple blocks. Things always look very different in the "shade" rather than the bright sunlight, and photos oftentimes turn out a lot nicer. Aside from all the flowers that are starting to look like the season is ending, there was a sign for a lost pooch, a stack of bricks for a sidewalk that already looks fine, a very old jeep type of vehicle, four story side by side townhouses that look exactly the same, whimsical garden ornaments - including gnomes - along Duddington Street, a basketball court in the alley with the rim attached to the wall of the house, lovely window boxes filled with ferns, doors above a garage that lead to nowhere, and a basement or storm shelter door that can be entered from the street rather than inside the house. You can tell this neighborhood has been around for a very long time, and we often wonder how long we will stay in the neighborhood. It definitely has a charm of its own. As long as we are able to walk and talk we think, but who knows? 

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