Saturday, August 20, 2016

Bloomingdales Customer Service

We rarely shop in Bloomingdales. Since I retired in February, I've been transitioning my work wardrobe to an every day living wardrobe that includes a lot of LLBean casual hiking clothes for the concrete jungle and travel. I didn't find anything I liked at Bloomingdales, but the Burberry sale rack had an item that neither my husband nor I could resist. My winter coats are quite old and heavy and served me well in Milwaukee for thirty years. But a more casual fall to winter shorter jacket would be a nice addition. But I didn't get the coat in the store, and decided a day or two later to purchase it on line and pick it up in store. Shortly after I made the purchase, I received an email promo code that I thought could have applied to this coat. When I went to pick it up, I asked the rep if he could use it. He credited the item, then repurchased it, but said the promo code wouldn't work in store. I mentioned that there should be a way to make the transaction work, but he basically ignored me and wasn't very helpful. When I got home I registered a concern to Bloomingdales that the rep could have told me to repurchase the same item on my smart phone, if that was the reason it didn't work. The response I received was pretty much - "too bad." I responded again and commented that it wasn't so much the promo code, but that the rep did not explain the issue clearly, didn't know, or didn't request help, and that I recently had a very minor issue with an Amazon delivery related to USPS, and the outcome was very different.  I then received another response from Bloomingdales with a thorough explanation, which would have been all I needed. But they added that they would be sending me a twenty dollar gift card. I really appreciate that they took the time to reconsider my issue - which is really all I wanted. Getting the gift card was a nice touch, but not essential. All I can say is that after working in health care for thirty years and having to respond to patient and family complaints, one better have great explanations to convey. But my faith in Bloomingdales has been restored. Thanks for your attention, explanation, and follow up. 

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