Monday, August 1, 2016

Capitol Hill Patio Spaces - Cozy or Downright Ugly!

I suppose if you have a lot of room in the backyard, the patio furniture, tables, grills, and firepits are located there. But if you only have a tiny space with no other alternative, the front yard becomes the next best thing. It's not unusual to see a gas, coal or electric grill sitting next to the front or side door of any rowhouse. So as we took our walk on this very humid morning with the sweat streaming down our faces, we came across quite a variation of pleasant, and quite ugly outdoor options. One of the cafes near union station recently had someone paint wall art on the side of their building where the outdoor patio lies. There is not a lot of shade there. Many tables and chairs are in plain view and offer no privacy, while others are hidden away by trellises, greenery and gardens, and even garbage cans. The furniture varies as does everyone's taste with iron works being the most familiar. I suppose the iron best matches the rowhouse decor. I wonder how often any of them are actually used? Certainly not much on a Monday morning in August. But certainly having this outdoor option is better than not having one at all. 

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