Monday, August 15, 2016

Clouds and Monuments

It's been weird weather around here. I can't remember being this hot in Florida! At least there were afternoon thunderstorms that cooled everything down. Here, it's been everlasting heat and humidity without much of a break. Last evening we drove to McLean for dinner at Amoo's Persian Restauarnt. On our way home, it was sprinkling a bit, and the skies were beginning to look rather ominous. But they were only looking ominous sporadically rather than throughout. As we crossed Memorial Bridge, the clouds were scattered in a very funny array over the Lincoln memorial. Heading closer in, there was just a small area where it was pouring, and it looked like it was just next to the Washington Monument and could be just over our neighborhood. Passing by the Tidal Basin, black skies were forming in very threatening shapes. When we reached the Capitol, things were less spooky looking until we turned up towards our house in the neighborhood. I really don't like rain storms and prefer to be home when they strike. I have an umbrella for every kind of rain. Call that paranoid - or prepared. It doesn't really matter though because I'm ready for it. I just don't like being in it. 

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