Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Costco Trip Always Means More Than Usual

It even happens in Costco - the ladies always ask my husband how to pick out the best watermelon. Yesterday it was a long discussion, almost ending up in an invitation for dinner! We decided to try the other Costco in NE, rather than the one in Arlington/Pentagon City. It's more of a suburban rather than urban neighborhood, and easier to navigate and park. Everything around it is less than five years old and new with construction going on everywhere around it. We only go to Costco two or three times a year. What this one lacked that the other one has is pierogi, our favorite cheese, and toilet paper! So we ended up with double of what we normally would get - particularly refills for tide and dawn dishwashing liquid. I think I liked the 36 bars of Hershey chocolate bars the most. It's a treat my husband can't do without. We also ended up with more turkey and ham for sandwiches that will last forever. It was also the least amount we have ever spent - probably because of the items it didn't have. The best thing we got was the huge pack of filters for the water pitcher. I think the DC water tastes horrible, but that's another story. I didn't get the usual ink cartridges or some of the clothes that are perfect for around the house. But it's always worth the trip - we think. 

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