Wednesday, August 24, 2016

ExOfficio Underwear

Who knew there was underwear that eliminated the need to pack two weeks worth of daily wear for an extended trip, or could be washed and then it dries within a couple of hours? I'm sure everyone else out there already knows that. But we didn't, because we either never thought about it, or never felt the need to think about it, and aren't outdoorsy types - nor have we typically traveled for many days at a time. But because of this extremely hot summer, the fact that I retired six months ago, and the idea of traveling more than usual, all contributed to us learning about this stuff. Who ever thought that nylon and polyester are the materials of choice? I suppose you could say it started at LLBean when I was swapping out my professional wardrobe for much more casual "hiking" garb for the concrete jungle we walk in every morning. Everyone we spoke to had only the highest regard for the ExOfficio brand. So I ordered two of each item for myself and my husband. We won't know the true value of this underwear until we test it, but I do know it's a lot better than cotton that pretty much stays wet and never dries. It's a whole new world out there, and it's much more exciting than work. That's the one thing I am most certain about. 

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