Saturday, August 6, 2016

Jury Duty AGAIN for BOTH of Us

Just two weeks ago I received a summons for jury duty - AGAIN! We have lived in DC for ten years and this will be the fourth time I have to go. The only difference this time is that I am retired, so I won't be paid a full working day salary, but will get a "bonus" for my service. We lived in Wisconsin thirty years and I was called just one time. And of course, I always get the 0800 time slot rather than the 1030 later time slot - which would have been much better for people like me who are just not morning people. To make matters worse, just this week my husband was also summoned to jury duty for the following week. How many people in one household get that privilege? This will be his third time, but one was for a grand jury that he got out of because we had already planned an overseas trip. And guess what time he gets to report? Ten thirty of course, because he IS the morning person who rarely gets up after seven AM. Too bad we didn't get called up for the same day and times. That would have made it much more tolerable. 

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  1. Please note that you can reschedule your jury duty if you prefer a different date/time (either online or by calling 879-4604)