Friday, August 26, 2016

LensCovers Sunglasses Replace Prescription Sunglasses

My prescription sunglasses are easily 12 years old or older. I got them in Milwaukee at our favorite Optix shop. Since then, my prescription has changed a few times, but I never updated the sunglasses. So whenever I wear them, it's a bit blurry, and there are no bifocals. Sometimes I end up with a mild headache from the stress of it all, especially when it is boiling hot with a full sun. And when we are walking and end up inside, I don't have my regular glasses to switch off. So walking in Union station - to beat the heat - can be a very dark experience. For whatever reason I started researching flip ups for my husband, who refuses to wear sunglasses. In doing so, I came across LensCovers sunglasses and read all the comments, most of which were quite positive. So I followed the sizing instructions and ordered up a khaki colored pair for about $15 - a lot cheaper than prescriptions! They arrived yesterday and I was quite surprised how well they fit, and looked - considering they are really cheap plastic. But the real test was on today's walk in the boiling heat and full sun. For the first time in MANY years, I could actually see things clearly, there was much less glare, they are extremely light, and they covered more face space than my old ones ever did. The nicest part was that all I had to do was remove them when I entered Union station, and didn't need to fumble around to change them with my regular glasses because I was already wearing them. My husband tried them on for fun and they worked for him too. I've gone from wearing contact lenses and stylish sunglasses to prescription sunglasses and now to LensCovers. It's a great option for walking and driving. They are simply quite practical. 

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