Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Library of Congress New Employee Orientation - Ten Years Ago!

It seems just like yesterday - and it was - ten years ago to the day was orientation day as a new federal employee. After leaving Wisconsin and a thirty year health care career, I started all over again at the Library of Congress, and didn't know a soul. It's hard to believe I could even do such a thing at that point in my career. And becoming a federal employee was certainly different from the private sector! A lot of the materials were sent to me before this first day of work to review and complete even before I stepped foot into the building. I still have the original booklet. This would also be the date that I thought I had to wait until I could retire. But luckily I found out that the magic age of 62 was the key rather than ten years of service, so I ran out of there in February and haven't looked back. I can say it was a great experience and I am glad I made the change when I did. Now when we walk by the building every day  on our morning walk I am so happy that I can keep walking, but left in such a way that I feel completely comfortable walking in to it and seeing past colleagues. I still participate in the art show, and we enjoy the programs that are offered. Now it's time to live in DC rather than work in DC. So far, it's working out nicely!

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