Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Library of Congress Program - Gender and Dance in Modern Iran - Ida Meftahi

I worked at the Library of Congress for ten years after thirty years in health care in the Midwest. Before I retired this year, I signed up to receive all the email notifications for programs that are routinely offered there. A couple of them struck our fancy so we made a note of the dates and times and attended one of them yesterday about Gender and Dance in Modern Iran by Ida Meftahi. The programs are usually held in the beautiful Jefferson Building. It's always a treat to visit the place, and even better now that I no longer am working there! We needed to pass through the Great Hall and in to the Middle Eastern section of the building, which sits across the street from the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, the seats are arranged in such a way that my view is always blocked. But I usually can't hear or see the speaker anyway, and my husband generally knows as much, if not more, about the subject matter, and tells me about it on the walk home. I just like the idea of walking over there from our house, usually running in to a past colleague - which we did - and it is a great excuse to get out of the house. There is another event we are planning to see in September, along with congressional hearings here and there. It is one thing we would miss if and when we ever move from this neighborhood. But we still don't know if and when that will happen. 

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