Friday, August 5, 2016

RFID Blocking Shell D Credit Card Holder and Dante Wallet from Amazon

After visiting with friends who only use cash in a restaurant, and the fact that my husband's wallet was in sore need of being replaced, we finally decided to make a decision. I don't think we will ever carry around cash to use in restaurants, but we did go ahead and purchase a radio frequency ID (RFID) blocking credit card holder for myself, and an RFID blocking wallet for my husband. There have been enough strange stories about how thieves will use everything in their power to swipe away your identity. I should know - I worked for the federal government and the whole system was hacked. We also had a couple of occurrences of credit card theft - but I don't think any RFID device would have stopped those. Luckily those thefts were caught quickly. But the whole thing makes one wonder about life in general. So we looked at what was available on Amazon and found a really good deal on the wallet - and the credit card holder is just easier to use than digging around for them in my purse. I've been after my husband to get a new wallet for quite some time. This was finally an excuse to get one. 

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