Monday, August 22, 2016

The Neighborhood Bernese Mountain Dog

A few weeks back, we were on a morning walk and we came across a sweet Bernese Mountain Dog puppy a couple blocks from our house. It's the corner home with an iron fence around it. On a nice day, it's the perfect spot for a pooch to relax, and get a LOT of attention. He was lying in the dirt, and was very receptive to having his photo taken. After that, we didn't see him at all. I was guessing because it was just too hot, that the household was on vacation - but also concerned that something dreadful happened to him - or even worse - he was snatched out of his yard because he was so nice! I also noticed that the dirt where he used to sit was transformed with rocks, but there were three water bowls sitting by the stairs, which was a good sign. But it was my husband who said my friend was back. And there he was today, a little bigger, his tail wagging, welcoming all the attention - not just from me, but anyone who passes by and stops to say hello. I'm certain the owners must get a kick out of having a celebrity. Whenever I see him I miss our dog even more. It's been over ten years, but she is still unforgettable. It's nice to have a pup in the neighborhood. 

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