Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Stinky Corpse Plant at the US Botanical Garden

I remember going to see the stinky plant in 2013, but it either wasn't blooming or there wasn't any publicity about it. For whatever reason, it's a huge hit this year. Since it only blooms for a very short time, one needs to calculate when to see it. So we thought last evening would be quiet after 8 PM. They kept the botanic garden open until 11 PM last night and tonight just for this purpose. Were we wrong about it being "quiet!" The line wrapped around the entire block and then some. So we decided to go home and try again this morning. It was around 9:30 when we got there on our morning walk and we got in line and waited until it opened at 10 AM. It was displayed front and center in the main hall as you walk in. Was it all that we expected? I guess so as far as plants go. It was very tall, but it didn't stink, and you couldn't get really close to it. It might be more interesting to see it once it starts to fade. There is a live cam on the plant, so I'll probably watch it here and there before it says goodbye. It always seems there is more excitement in the anticipation. But I'm happy to say that we were a part of the excitement, and it was only two blocks away. 

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