Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Thunder Grill Breakfast at Union Station

When it's hot outside, walking can be difficult. So we take the shady route through the neighborhood rather than the concrete jungle of the national mall. But even then, it's really intolerable! So on our way through the park past the senate office buildings we decided to stop off at Union station where it is air conditioned. And for my husband's benefit, it has the crowd he loves to watch. So we started on one end and walked around the three levels a couple of times. The top level is quite dead compared to the main level that takes travelers to the trains, and the basement level that has a food court and a CVS. So rather than cook at home, on our way out we decided to have breakfast on the main level at Thunder Grill, where there is an "outside" on the inside seating area. We faced all the action and had a reasonably decent meal. We haven't seen Union station since most, if not all, of the construction was completed. It looked fresh and clean, and was very busy. So this gives us another alternative to beating the heat, and is more preferable to the mall in McLean and even the Library of Congress. And it almost gets us to the three mile daily average walk by the time we get home. Not a bad option for a hot and humid day! 

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