Sunday, August 28, 2016

Xfinity - For the Fifth Time, I Don't Want STARZ!

Our universal remote was dying after five years of continuous service so we decided we better upgrade to the newest Comcast Xfinity remote - the one you talk to. It was installed in February and works really well - except I have never had so many chat sessions and phone calls with Xfinity about all the other problems we never had before we made the switch. Initially someone kept hijacking our cable box and ordering children's programs and movies. After about ten conversations with them they finally realized we weren't making it up and came back out and switched the box again and added a "shut off valve" of sorts to keep our connection private. That seemed to finally work. I also requested a valued customer discount for all this hassle. I even set up parental controls in spite of the fact it's just my husband and I living here! But we still keep getting a STARZ promotional fee added to our bill. We never requested it, don't watch it, and are getting super irritated that it keeps showing up. So for the fifth time or more, I had another chat with Vijay about this issue. I refused to pay the promotional STARZ fee and additional prorated amount that mysteriously gets added. And I begged him to please document this issue and discussion so I do not have to repeat it any more. After being reassured it will never happen again I am not holding my breath. 

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