Wednesday, November 30, 2016

LLBean Return Policy

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a wonderful three in one all season coat from LLBean on line. This was after I tried it on in the store at Tysons in Virginia to get the sizing right. And I waited for the 20% off sale and had a $10 coupon on top of that. For whatever reason, we thought the large was the right fit, but when it arrived - it was much too big. I should have known because it seems like medium has been the right size all along for most items. So I checked the return policy and noticed how generous it is, and is another reason to shop at LLBean. So yesterday we exchanged the coat for a medium - which was the last one available in that color. Unfortunately when we returned home, I noticed that the security device on the sleeve was not removed. We thought we heard a ringing noise when we left the store yesterday, but didn't think much about it, and no one else noticed either. So I called the store and asked what we needed to do, and said we would return today for the device to be removed. I am hopeful that this coat will be everything it says it will be after all this back and forth and three trips to LLBean. Since I retired in February, LLBean has become our favorite place for every day wear, particularly for our daily walking and casual clothes needs. And the color was different from my typical work related attire. We are lucky to have a bricks and mortar store in the area, and the drive to McLean is very pleasant. So what will we need next? I'm sure we will find out sooner than later.

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