Friday, November 18, 2016

LLBean Wicked Good Toe and Hand Warmers

Well, it's already the middle of November and we haven't had more beautiful weather since we moved to DC from the Midwest. There, it was winter almost all year 'round. Unfortunately, we left a lot of our heavy duty winter clothing behind, thinking it would never get that cold here. Boy, were we wrong! We've had blizzards, and more snow at one time than the thirty years we lived in the north country. So this year, I retired, and many of my winter clothes are work clothes. So I've been switching up some of my outerwear as the seasons change with my new found favorite LLBean. But thinking ahead to the dark and cold days of winter, it seemed like a logical thing to do and get some toe and hand warmers too. We've never used them before, but I figured if I am going to be walking every day, I will need the right stuff to keep me warm. The boxes arrived from LLBean this week and the brand is Wicked Good. I'm guessing they will act like the heating pad warmers I have used for stiffness and occasional back discomfort. I'm not really anxious for the cold and wet weather to come, but it will be interesting to see how well all these things actually work. I have a feeling I will have an opportunity to try them out soon!

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