Tuesday, November 1, 2016

National Mall Grass Planting

It has taken a few years to renovate the national mall grass all the way from the Capitol Building to the Washington monument. An extensive irrigation system was constructed and for the first time the mall was one large green space again. But it didn't take long for the destruction and more repair work to kick in. It seems that whenever something gets completed here, it starts all over again. Yes, it is on a much smaller scale, but nonetheless makes me wonder why things are constantly being repaired and fixed, when they were just repaired and fixed! By the Smithsonian gardens, new sod is being planted, and on a larger scale, the mall has huge rolls of sod located throughout. It appears that the edges along the pathways have deteriorated, and with inauguration coming up, the city wants things to look nice - only to get trampled by thousands of feet. There was a small sign indicating the type of grass being used and the number of events hosted on "America's Front Yard." Because of the new irrigation  system there are more restrictions in place for event planners, which is why several have moved to other venues. But for us, walking on this space is a daily affair - which is why we notice it even more.

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