Monday, November 7, 2016

Walters Art Museum in Baltimore

Baltimore has a lot of one way streets. And unfortunately a lot of construction. So when we were attempting to find the Walters Art Museum, it was a feat to reach it and then find parking, as it doesn't have a parking garage. On top of that, we don't know our way around Baltimore to begin with having been there only a hand full of times. But we were meeting with friends of our out of town friends, and planned to have dinner after the tour. You are either an art museum lover or not so much, and we find ourselves on the not so much level. So when I go, I need to find something that will keep my mind occupied, and I am eager to wander through quickly rather than stop for long intervals studying something in detail. So yesterday I started to focus on the scenes within the scene that struck my fancy, and anything having to do with animals is always a good start. Since we were limited by time, and had a guide to help find our way, the time passed quickly. I was struck more by the natural highlights, lowlights, and shadows cast on the windows, walls and stairwells. I suppose you could call that art too.

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