Sunday, January 29, 2017

Blomus Bioethanol Fireplace

We had two fireplaces in the Midwest. One was a wood burning fireplace that we eventually had converted in to a gas fireplace. We found the wood burning fireplace a hassle - especially if we needed to leave the house unexpectedly - and it was messy. You can't always wait for a fire to quit. When we converted our tandem garage in to a family/tv room, we had a gas flame fireplace installed as a part of the remodel project. We used that fireplace all the time. We loved the remote control and it was well suited for the winters in the Midwest that seemed to last most of the year. And, it was a room we spent most of our time in. We also used the gas fireplace as a place to warm water when our electricity was out because our water heater was electric! Luckily, that didn't happen very often. So, when we moved to DC we missed our fireplaces because it can get as cold - and snowy - here as much as there. So we invested in a Blomus bioethanol corner fireplace that sits in the perfect spot of our tiny condo. We used it recently and it does the trick. You do need to fill the reservoir with ethanol, light it with metal tongs, and regulate the height of the flame. The flame lasts a couple of hours, brings in additional warmth, and most importantly, the ambiance is soothing. This set up beats the flame video on the TV set, and it can be turned off by closing the top of the reservoir. It's not the same thing that we once had, but it comes pretty close.

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