Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Eleanor Holmes Norton = No Inauguration Tickets

Since we live in DC, our representative is Eleanor Holmes Norton. And, since we don't "know anybody," we followed instructions and requested inauguration tickets through her office a couple of weeks ago. I sent an email request and got a reply from her office that they received it. Last Friday, another email was sent from her office to say that we were in a lottery, and if we were selected, we would receive a other email with instructions about picking up the tickets. Well, Friday came and went. So here we are - the third Inauguration since we moved here without tickets. We should get tickets just for putting up with all the inconvenience. The most rediculous part is that we can't figure out how we can walk to the mall to get to the area for non ticket holders. We ended up by the Washington monument eight years ago - which is annoying because we live two blocks from the Capitol. All I know is that we will record the event on TV so we can see what we will undoubtedly miss, wandering through the barricaded streets to find the first viable entry way on to the mall. Ah, but that is the beauty of living in this town.

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