Thursday, January 5, 2017

Even Bugs Need a Home

We walk through the Smithsonian gardens all the time. They are decorated for the seasons and obviously well maintained. There is always something unique and different about the walkthrough. Aside from all the plant and flower varieties, I always notice the bird houses, and the birdbaths. But a new feature was on display a couple of weeks ago - but we didn't know what it was. It appeared to be little house structures of some sort, made out of different materials. I thought the largest structure was a Christmas decoration. Then after a couple of weeks we saw a little handwritten sign that read "even bugs need a home." Apparently during the winter month, the bees and insects need a place to stay, and the decorative little homes serve the purpose. Who would have guessed? So I suppose it is wise to keep some messy amd original works of art in your garden to help the little creatures. Everyone thinks about the birds. Now it's time to think about the insects.

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