Wednesday, January 18, 2017

In Search of Inauguration Tickets

I should have thought about contacting all the other house and senate offices about inauguration tickets a long time ago. Since we moved here ten years ago, we have never had the luxury of tickets - we just don't know anyone. It wasn't surprising that we didn't win the lottery at Eleanor Holmes Norton DC office. I'm not looking forward to standing by the Washington monument again when we only live a couple blocks from the Capitol. So today after we went to a few hearings, ending up in the overflow rooms, we walked to a few offices to ask if there were any leftover tickets - especially since there are so many boycotting the event. Bernie Sanders Office is giving them away to the VFW; Corey Booker's office said to check back in the morning; Elizabeth Warren's office said to check back tomorrow night. After several more no's, we came home and I called all the offices of the states I was born in, lived in, grew up in, and spent my entire career in. One put me on a waiting list - only after I could provide my mother's home address; most said no; another said only if we still lived in her district - which we don't; two more took my contact information because the people handling them were out of the office. I'm not holding my breath, but it was worth the try. I have a feeling we will be out in left field again. Maybe next time?

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