Monday, January 16, 2017

Statues in the Perfect Light

Walking around town is a bit more difficult these days. In particular, this week, because of all the inauguration preparation going on. Everything is blocked off and barricaded. We spent this morning trying to find the route we are supposed to take to reach the mall. Of course, we don't have tickets for the official seating area. I tried to get some tickets through Representative Holmes's office, but we didn't make the lottery. Since we don't know "anybody" we are on our own - again! People who live here should get tickets just for putting up with the mess. This will be our third inauguration since we moved here. Anyway, what seems to stand out more than usual are the many statues that are on display all around town. Yesterday was a brilliant blue sky day, so they stood out stunningly in the sunlight. I don't even know who they all are, and didn't pay much attention to the signage and name plates - just the detail and the faces. All of them were men, of course. The artists spent a lot of time getting these just right, and they stand in prominent positions all along the main streets of the city. It might be fun to track them all down, but that would be a major effort. Sometimes it is nice to notice what's typically in the background. I'll just need to do some research and figure out who they are.

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