Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thanks for the Inauguration Tickets!!! None Required for Saturday

A few weeks ago we entered the inauguration ticket lottery at Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton Office and obviously didn't "win" it. Since then, I've been searching for any option to get my hands on three tickets. We have been to two inaugurations since we moved here ten years ago, but ended up by the Washington monument when we live just two blocks from the Capitol. I really didn't want to end up near there again. So this week we stopped at several senate offices to see if anyone might have left over or unclaimed tickets. We have been going to a lot of hearings this and last week because we love living history and enjoy politics like some folks like sports events. But all the answers were NO. I came home yesterday and called Senate and Representative offices from all the states I was born in, lived in, worked in, went to college in.... nothing! A family member sent us a link from the neighborhood listserv- no luck. I asked a friend from work who knows everyone...nope. I finally wrote a note to Senator Enzi via his website, who happens to live on our block and we have met through our kids who used to live on the block. This morning we received an email from his office saying we could pick our tickets up today at his office in the Russell Senate building. We were walking over anyway for another hearing. So thank you Senator Enzi for your quick and timely response. We really appreciate it! We won't need them for Saturday's events. We can just walk over.

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