Sunday, January 8, 2017

West Elm Furniture at Tyson's

When you live in a tiny space, every bit of furniture needs to be functional. We had a king size sectional with a pull out bed in our studio apartment. We got it from Crate and Barrel. My husband never liked the fabric, and it began to fray after five years of use. It was also a pain for guests to have to open up the couch, set aside all the cushions, etc. But the king size bed was quite nice. I also loved it because it is where I sit to do all my digital artwork using my iPad, and it was long enough to sleep on it unopened. Since we put in a custom Murphy bed, we no longer wanted the big couch, but we needed to be able to open the bed without having to move the couch around. That resulted in us getting a smaller loveseat from Ethan Allen. We've had it since February, but I'm not happy with it. It's just not big enough, nor comfortable. Most of the length is taken up in the arms, which doesn't help. So I've been searching for an alternative just for the heck of it and came across an interesting piece from West Elm. I wanted to see it so we headed to Tyson's where there is a brick and mortar store. Of course, they didn't have the couch I wanted to see on display, and my husband isn't interested in replacing the one we have either. (He has his own lounge chair!) I'd like to make do with the new one, but remain very disappointed. What I really wanted was the rounded sectional couch we had in our tv room in Milwaukee, but they just can't be found - or everything is just huge! Anyway, it was a waste of time looking, but that won't stop me from thinking about it!

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