Saturday, February 4, 2017

American Plant Orchid and Jasmine

It's the time of year when things are quiet at the plant shops. In between Christmas and Valentine Day is a great opportunity to enliven the house with a fresh flower or two. And since we just saw the Hirshhorn and US Botanic Garden exhibit that featured so many varieties of orchids, we had orchids on our mind. We like to use our tiny two level wall vase for seasonal updates. So we drove out to American Plant to see what might work. Obviously we would need something small enough to fit in to the glass containers. We came upon some miniature orchids, which would do nicely on the top tier. We picked a more traditional plant that we hope will last at least a few months?! But the question was what would fill out the bottom tier. We wanted something that would cascade and flower. The jasmine looked like a good match, and it even has a lovely fragrance. Since we already had moss and orchid food from previous endeavors, we made the purchase and brought them home. So we filled the containers with stones and soil and moss and hope they do well. We think they are in a good spot. Let's hope the plants feel the same way.

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