Tuesday, February 21, 2017

An Early Spring in DC

On our morning walk along the National Mall things are changing dramatically! With the delightfully warmer weather we have had for most of the winter, all the buds are growing and getting ready to burst! We haven't had this wonderful of a winter since we moved here from the Midwest ten years ago. It felt like winter all year 'round there - we couldn't even plant flowers until after Memorial Day for fear of freezing temps. So with the sunny skies and brighter days the trees and shrubs love it, and today the flowers were beginning to show their faces not only in the gardens by the Hirshhorn but all the Smithsonian museums we passed by. Some people are upset there hasn't been any snow, but I am thrilled to have more of the other three seasons. Someone is coming to visit us around cherry blossom time at the end of March. I'm not so sure there will be any blossoms left at the rate things are going - and it's going to stay warmer for the next many days. I'll be sure to take a lot of photos in case she misses it all!

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