Sunday, February 19, 2017

Apple TV

Everything in our house is Apple. When the first iPad came along in 2010, I preordered one and waited patiently at my window for it to be delivered. Just by chance, my interest in digital art was reignited when I found the Autodesk app and it, along with the more recent and updated devices, have been a source of entertainment for both me and my husband. And Apple phones are all we use. I had heard a lot about Apple TV, and it was on the back burner. So when we decided to upgrade our six year old Sony TV for an LG OLED HD TV a couple of weeks ago, we decided to get the Apple TV too since someone would be setting up the whole system. We are still Comcast users, and when we upgraded to Xfinity, it's been a lot easier to use and the voice control remote works nicely. When we need service, it's a lot better than it used to be. I read a lot about the LG functions and apps, restudied xfinity options, and checked out how the Apple TV compared. Since we don't want to fool around with a lot of remotes, we pretty much use just Xfinity as the main remote, and the Apple input button from that remote. So last evening we gave it a shot - we mirrored my iPhone using the you tube app and watched a ninety minute Frontline program, and then a French movie with subtitles. Both worked really well and opened our repertoire of options for future tv programming. I really like the mirroring capability. I also know that Amazon and others have better quality picture capability for our LG TV, but really don't see the need to use them at this time. All I know is that there are so many options and subscriptions available that it almost makes cable extinct, and is mindbending to keep up on it all. Today I just realized that there is an Apple TV handbook that I should browse through. They never provide a hard copy with the equipment - just a tiny pamphlet. So I just downloaded that to see what else we might be missing. I wonder if I'll find anything useful?

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