Monday, February 13, 2017

Borzoi, Tatiana, Eustace Tilley and Digital Art

Today would have been Tatiana's Birthday. Our beautiful Borzoi lived to a grand old thirteen years. She was a delightful family member, and we think about her all the time. She was originally from a small town in Indiana, and we stopped to see the breeder a couple years ago on our way home from the Midwest just to get a Borzoi fix. Of course, we brought several bags of treats. When the iPad came around in 2010, my interest in art was reignited. I started sketching again and Tatiana was oftentimes the subject. When the New Yorker held the Eustace Tilley contest, I submitted an entry using Tatiana's image - and I won! Her portrait is displayed in a prominent place in our tiny home on Capitol Hill. I have a Borzoi on my business card. I follow the Borzoi rescue group news, and plan to watch the hound group at Westminster tonight. When there were dog shows at Middleburg Plantation in Virginia, we would drive there just to see the wolfhounds, talk to the breeders and walkabout. Whenever I see a Borzoi in the neighborhood, which is rare indeed, I always stop to visit and say hello. I have oftentimes thought of getting another one for so many reasons. Who knows? Since I retired a year ago it makes perfect sense. Happy birthday Tat!

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