Sunday, February 12, 2017

Campbell's Green Pea Soup

I loved it as a kid, and still love it now. Campbell's green pea soup always tasted good to me - especially when you add some oyster crackers or saltines to create a little texture. But even without the crackers, I like it all the same. I don't like the kind with ham chunks in it - just the plain pea soup. And I've even convinced my husband that it's great for a dinner supplement. So when we walked in to Harris Teeter the other day for groceries, we came upon a special - ten cans of Campbell's soup for ten dollars. Each can usually costs $1.89, so this looked like a great idea - especially since we have it quite regularly. Aside from the fact that it was senior Thursday, this was an additional savings. We had plenty of space in the kitchen cabinet to store all the cans - something we need to think about when you live in a small space. So, we will keep our eyes open for other deals like this. Since I retired a year ago I now go with my husband to the grocery store. He used to do all the grocery shopping when I was working. I never liked grocery shopping or cooking. He loves to do both. But I do like finding specials like this - even if it's just pea soup.

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