Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Florida State Basketball, House of Representatives, and Me

It's been over forty years. Last night I got a phone call from someone I knew at Florida State. He was a basketball coach for a team that was number two in the country - back in the day when UCLA was unbeatable and we lost by 5 points. I was a tutor for some of the players, and got free tickets to all the games. The whole team came over to my house after a tournament win one year! And when I lived in Milwaukee, I was right behind the bench when they played Marquette. It was a big part of my college days. I also met his wife when I was a student nurse at Tallahassee Memorial. This call was from a Florida Representative in the Longworth office building just two blocks from my house - who happens to be that same coach - Al Lawson. I stopped in his office a few weeks ago when I learned he was just newly elected, and left some photos from the 70's and my contact information. We had a delightful chat, but there is so much more we need to catch up on...what happened to all those players?! He sounded the same and I am looking forward to seeing him when he gets some time! Getting adjusted to living in DC can take awhile. I'm hoping we can find out what happened to all the scrapbooks I donated to the FSU Athletic Office. That would be a real trip down memory lane.

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