Thursday, February 2, 2017

LG 55" OLED 4K HDR Ultra HD TV from Best Buy

We were probably the first people to get the original plasma television about twenty years ago or so? Friends would come in to our house and stop talking to us because the picture was so life like - they couldn't take their eyes off the screen. We left that surround sound set up in the Midwest when we moved here ten years ago. We purchased two Sony televisions for each of our units - one ten years ago, and the other six years ago. But surround sound is impossible in very old building on Capitol Hill. For the last couple of months my husband has been telling me that the picture didn't seem very clear. When he mentions things more than a few times I know he is serious. So we stopped at Best Buy to see what Sony had to offer, but ended up looking at LG because it was more like the original plasma that we had learned to love. We adore TV, so it means more to us than taking trips. And the options for programming are so much broader than they ever were. So yesterday the tv was installed and we are feeling it out last evening. Since we have cable we need to get used to using more than one remote until we decide to get a universal set up. The tv fits the space better than the old one, and the picture is a LOT clearer too. So, it wasn't cataracts that were causing the cloudy image - it really was the technology. I understand that the newest LG tv will be so light and then it can be hung on the wall with magnets. We are happy with this new set - and it was on sale - and the screen is 9 inches larger. We feel like we are in a movie theater. So, when you live in a tiny space you need to prioritize. So we did.

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