Thursday, February 16, 2017

Neiman Marcus And Estée Lauder

I For quite some time, I used to go to Marshall Field's or Boston Store for makeup when I lived in the Midwest. Spring and Fall were good times to check out the colors of the season, and sometimes I would get a makeover - because it's fun, and because I liked to get advice on what works. There is always too much to pick from, and I wanted to get it somewhat right. I had my first makeup education in high school as the Maas Brothers rep. We did fashion shows and I had a part time salesperson's job. It was a great experience. So, since it was a year since I retired, it's been five years since the last makeover, my hair was chopped pretty short, and I had a new pair of glasses with a blue and copper frame, it was a good time to see the makeover lady - this time at Neiman Marcus at Tyson's. It was also the time of year when you get a "gift" package, so it was even better. My husband patiently waited in the lounge area of the mall with a direct view of the goings on. In the end I got a few things that might liven things up a bit. At the end, an Asian woman asked me if I was Chinese and then told me how much she liked my hair and makeup. It wasn't the first time I have been asked that. My siblings always said I had beatty eyes - and I have since found the best way to accentuate them.

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