Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Orchids at the Hirshhorn Museum

Usually at the US Botanic Garden are orchids of all kinds. From my recollection, there is also a special orchid display during this time of year outside of this exhibit. I noticed that the Hirshhorn, in coordination with the US Botanic Garden, had an orchid exhibit in progress through March or so? Since it is on our morning walking path on the National Mall, we decided to stop in and see what it was about - especially since it's been quite dreary weather wise over the last several days. Flowers always brighten things up. When you enter the Hirshhorn from Independence Avenue, there they are - on white shelving that extends the entire interior wall on the first floor. There were all kinds of plants, colors and shapes, along with film vignettes of orchids growing and blooming sprinkled throughout. One of the women we saw there said the best place to keep an orchid is on your porch in the shade. We've had minor success with orchids and wouldn't mind trying another one in our wall vase. It's the perfect spot. So the event served as inspiration to maybe try one out again. Perhaps we will stop by again in a couple months and see how the display might change. I think I like the natural habitat exhibit at the US Botanic Garden more, but this was worth checking out.

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