Friday, February 17, 2017

OreIda Extra Crispy Easy Fries

My husband has a hankering for French fries. I was a French fry fiend back in the day. McDonald's French fries and a small coke were a particularly favorite snack. When we travel long distances by car, we still stop at Macs for the tasty things. But times have changed and cholesterol levels have taken their toll - genetically speaking. So I don't have a whole lot of fries anymore, but once in awhile is a good thing. Since we don't get to fast food places like we once did, we thought we might try some frozen food section fries for the fun - and taste - of it. While at Harris Teeter yesterday for the Thursday senior discount, we stopped by the frozen food aisle and checked out the options. Most versions came in large bags, which would be too much for one sitting. Then we saw the small boxes of OreIda extra crispy easy fries and grabbed the French style and the golden crinkles. Since dinner last night was simply soup and sandwiches, French fries would fill out the menu. There were very specific instructions on how to open and use the box in the microwave. Were they any good? Nothing like our favorites, but they aren't too bad in a pinch from the freezer. Would we get them again? I might save my limited fry frenzy feeling for better tasting stuff. In the meantime, the rice and baked potatoes will do.

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