Sunday, February 26, 2017

Payne Elementary School Fundraising Auction Donations

Since I began painting digital art portraits, I have received notices requesting that I contribute an item for various causes. Most of them are pooch related organizations since I do a lot of pet portraits. I've done at least three for the Chicagoland American Eskie Rescue, and sketched a few used by the National Borzoi Rescue. Last week I received a notice from Payne Elementary School in DC - they noticed that I live in DC and have an Etsy shop. Since the auction is in the neighborhood and it is for an elementary school, it was a no brainer. I've done a lot of digital paintings of DC landmarks, and many of the images were incorporated into three children's books that I wrote. Two of them were produced by StoryChimes and are apps in the Apple Store, and all three are available on Amazon as eBooks or paperback. The main characters are my grandsons and the stories are about a tiny fish, a trip to Washington DC, and a parent child separation. So I donated a set of my three paper back books, and twelve DC related digital art images. And, because I love to do pet portraits, and have a "gallery wall" at the Wagtime shop on Capitol Hill, I also donated one of those. So I'm looking forward to being included in the April auction to support a great cause.

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