Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

It's been at least thirty years since we visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. We pass by it almost every day on our morning walk. Usually there are lines miles long waiting to get in on both sides of the massive structure. We decided to take a turn this morning because it was right after opening hours and very quiet. We walked right in after going through metal detectors - like everywhere else in this city. Things have changed - the moon rock isn't right out front for everyone to touch but the Spirit of St. Louis is front a center - when you look up. There are now IMAX theaters and an exhibit created solely for the Wright Brothers. And of course there is Amelia Earhart's red plane. Neither my husband nor I are plane or flight or space junkies, but the exhibit is overwhelming and hard to digest. The accomplishments are mind boggling - especially when you see the insides of some of these earlier spaceships with what looks like regular electric plugs and covered in "tin foil." Simply amazing what was and hopefully is yet to come. I think we might make a habit of stopping in every so often to these impressive places that are just around the block from where we live. Why not? If we time it right, the place is ours!

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