Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Salesman at the Angelika Film Center & Cafe at Mosaic

You could call us "new" movie junkies back in the day - but not since we moved to DC ten years ago. In the Midwest, we went to the movie theater just about every couple of weeks - especially during the winter which lasts about all year around. We were on top of all the Oscar contenders and otherwise. We particularly liked the Oriental on the East side where most of the independent films were shown, including special events with the pop up organ playing. Sunday matinees were the best time for us. We would also occasionally run to blockbuster to rent a DVD! We had probably the first plasma tv and surround sound in town. But since we have a great tv here, and the ability to rent movies on line, we never go to the movies anymore - until yesterday. My husband has been dying to see The Salesman and it simply could not be found to rent. So after ten years, we finally broke down and found a movie theater showing it at the Angelika Film Center and Cafe at Mosaic in Fairfax. You could buy your tickets on line, but we decided to just drive out yesterday afternoon for the 2:15 showing. The place was fine, interesting, and the neighborhood was brand new and still growing. Many of the restaurants there are the same ones as in our neighborhood on Capitol Hill - Cava, Ted's Bulletin, etc. But they all start to look the same as all the other new communities. I'm glad we had the experience, but I can honestly say I much prefer the convenience of being at home. It will probably be another ten years before we do it again. Did we like the movie? My husband did - me, not so much. But he could listen to the dialogue and I had to read it. Maybe that had something to do with it.

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