Friday, March 17, 2017

Anacostia River and SE Waterfront Yards Park

When we first moved here ten years ago, the only new - and huge - building on the SE Waterfront was the department of transportation. After that, the Washington Nationals ball park became another major inhabitant. Following that were new "rowhouses," an ice skating rink, and restauarants. One of the nicest improvements is Yards Park. It's a lovely venue to walk along the waterfront, take in the scenery, and bring the family for water and music entertainment. It's been awhile since we walked that way, so we decided to take a turn. A lot of the ground breaking high rises are about ready to get occupied. The noise of construction persists. It's predominantly steel and glass all around. A pair of ducks were hanging around the canal, the seagulls were hanging around the docks, and the rowers were practicing along the Anacostia. A helicopter was flying overhead observing the very congested bridge leading in to town. The area and vibe is not my cup of tea, but we are glad the new developments are very much underway. How things have changed in such a short period of time. Wonder what the next ten years will bring?

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