Saturday, March 11, 2017

Cherry Blossoms at Potomac Park East

Cherry blossom season is upon us - but it may be short lived. Even before we moved to DC ten years ago we visited the city a few times at this time of the year. It is a sight to see! But it's also been a very weird winter, with hardly a dusting of snow. But the dreary freezing weather forecast for this weekend and in to the week is quite bleak - especially since the cherry buds are just starting to blossom. The zap of cold weather last week already played havoc with the beautiful magnolia blossoms that turned them from beautiful shades of purples and pinks to brown slush in a matter hours from overnight freezing temps. So we decided to take a ride out to Potomac park east at Hanes Point to check on the budding blossoms. It was absolutely freezing out there today and the wind was howling even worse. Before the entire crop goes cabloowy I wanted to have some remembrance of this spring time favorite. Luckily there were a few magnificent blossoms showing, and hopefully more will survive. The sunlight was quite deceiving - but at least we made the effort before it was too late. And it was well worth it!

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